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Let Us Take Care of Your Roofing Needs

Let Us Take Care of Your Roofing Needs

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Grier Roofing offers a number of services to cover all of your roofing needs.

Take a Look at Some of Our More Requested Services

Leak Repair & Emergency Service

When water is coming in your facility what do you do? First contain as much as possible. Shield equipment, etc., the best you can. If possible, document as much as possible and take photos/videos of the leaking condition. Then contact the Roof Leak Specialists at Grier Roofing. When dealing with a roof leak, you need a roof professional with a history of success, properly trained roof technicians, and a name you trust. Grier Roofing is that team of Roof Leak Experts. 

What You Need To Know

During the initial call, you will need to expect several questions so we are able to properly respond to your unique situation. Is the leak new or potentially progressive? Is the leak an emergency situation or a general roof repair need? Would the repair need a quote or should we send a technician right away? We will be certain to provide the service you need. Our service technicians are trained and solely focused on commercial roof repair. Don’t forget to try our commercial roof maintenance program to prevent these leaks from surprising you. Roof Leaks can be prevented before they occur…

Installations & Re-Roofing

If you find yourself in need of a new roof, we offer a number of roofing systems to fit your building. Our team is ready to walk you through choosing the roof to best fit your needs.

What you need to know

The most common assemblies we work with in the commercial and industrial division of Grier Roofing are Low Slope or Flat Roof systems. Low-slope roof systems are comprised of waterproof assemblies with slopes less than 3” per foot fall (3:12 / 14 degrees and less). Not the typical steep slope assemblies that are considered water shedding. These systems require proper planning and design as well as expert installation to prevent water entry into the facility. Thorough investigation and evaluations such as destructive testing, or non-destructive testing (Infrared Scan, ELD, etc.) should be done prior to consideration of restoration or recovery of these systems. Various circumstances such as drainage, geographical locations, building codes, chemical release, foot traffic, and more need to be considered before choosing the proper assembly for commercial or industrial property.

 Take a look at the different roofing systems we install to begin deciding which system will best fit you and your business.

Roof Maintenance

Did you know… most roof warranties require annual documented inspections with required roof maintenance to maintain the warranty?

What you need to know

ALL commercial and industrial roof systems require roof maintenance from new installations and beyond to achieve the expected life cycle expected from your investment. Failure to maintain will have effects on repair costs and when replacements are required. Sometimes, more often than not, a leaking roof will create a loss of product, damage to the facility and equipment, and create downtime. All these affect the bottom line of your business. Not to mention potential safety hazards to your employees. Click here to learn more about how we can help.

Need Commercial Roof Maintenance or Repair? We Can Help!

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