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EPDM / ethylene propylene diene monomer, typically called Rubber Roofing, is a thermoset membrane and requires tapes or glues in the seams and flashing points. EPDM, or rubber roofing, has performed for many decades and has proven to be long-lasting roof system. New construction, restorative recovery, and re-roof replacement applications all are a good fit for EPDM / Rubber roof membranes. The attachments are ballasted, fully adhered, mechanically attached, or wind-driven roof systems. EPDM / Rubber roof membranes commonly are black in color. However white EPDM membranes are available. EPDM / Rubber membranes are also available for hybrid multi-ply systems and fleeced-back applications. EPDM / Rubber roofing comes in thicknesses of .045, .060, .075, and .090 mils. These membranes can be reinforced or non-reinforced membranes and attachment methods determine the product your facility would require.

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