Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

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It's common Sense

If you want something to perform, you have to maintain it. After all, you wouldn’t expect:

  • A smoke alarm to work if you never change the battery

  • Your furnace to perform efficiently if you never change the filter

Yet property owners install a new roof and think that’s the end of the story. It’s not. Simply put, regular roof maintenance is a responsibility of ownership. If you don’t do it, you’re putting your property at risk of damage from leaks, not to mention the risk of your guarantee coverage being jeopardized. The good news is, regular maintenance can help you to preserve your roof and enjoy many years of reliable service.

What Wears Roofs Out?

Either long-term exposure to the elements (sun, water, freeze-thaw) or shorter-term exposure to damaging air pollutants and chemicals

E.g., an increase in the interior relative humidity of a building can cause severe condensation problems within the roofing system

Such as building settlement or expansion/contraction not accommodated by the roofing system

These can add up to a much shorter roof life—e.g., if a small problem is not repaired,then a large amount of insulation can be damaged

Such as vegetation in areas of standing water or algae

This is perhaps the biggest cause of premature roof failure

by Dick Fricklas former Technical Director of the Roofing Industry Educational Institute

Our Process

STEP #1 – Our expert team will start by meeting with you and learning about your facility and your business operations. Then we will inspect the roof looking for how these business operations affect the roof assembly. Also during the inspection, we will observe where the performance of the assembly could be compromised. Our team will inspect the roof field, penetrations, flashings, perimeter conditions, etc. all the way through to potential airborne concerns and potential safety hazards. Roof drainage pathways are critical in the performance of any commercial roof system.

STEP #2 – After the evaluation inspection, we will build a detailed report which will include photo and/or video documentation of how the assembly is performing, and recommendations for proper roof maintenance over the facility with budgets to do so over the next 3 to 5 years. If proper roof maintenance is performed this will extend the life of the assembly, reduce the cost of roof leak repair, and prevent many safety concerns.

STEP #3 – Once we provide you with this vital information, we are ready and willing to help you obtain the expected performance of your commercial roof system. Our general maintenance offerings typically include filling of pourable sealer pockets, general flashing and penetration touch up, correcting any displaced pipe supports or walk paths, and most importantly cleaning and clearing the drainage pathways. Other services as required for your specific facility and needs.

YOU RECEIVE – With all the above steps of proper roof maintenance, not only will your commercial/industrial roof perform better and last longer…you as a facility manager will have the knowledge and documentation required for budgeting and planning for your facility’s roofing needs for years to come. The extended life of the assembly creates added years, which in turn, adds value to you and your company’s bottom line.

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